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Basic Self-help Treatment Guidelines

Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for their own health. Without that effort, help from a professional health source such as a doctor, nutritional adviser, counselor, etc. may only provide minimal help.

The areas that each individual needs to address are:

1.  Physical rest
a. Doing something that you enjoy (de-stress yourself)
b. Take a break from whatever or whoever causes you stress.
2.  Physiological rest
a. Give your digestion system some time off – go 18 hours without eating. Don’t eat anything after 8 p.m. and wait until 3 p.m. the next day to eat again. Do this a few times each month.
b. Think about what is stressing you, create a plan to help you resolve it, set goals
3.  Sleep
a. Set up a specific time to go to bed, make your sleep a priority
4.  Deep breathing
a. Lay down on your back and put your feet up. Put your hands on your abdomen and take in slow deep breaths that make your hands rise and fall
5.  Hydration
a. Get a hydration evaluation done so you know how much water you need to drink on a daily basis.
6.  Elimination
a. Regular bowel movements are important.
7.  Sweating
a. Do something that causes you to sweat; sauna, exercise, sporting activities, etc.
8.  Grounding - touch the earth
a. We are electromagnetic, when the skin makes contact with the earth it is therapeutic.
9.  Sunlight - 30 minutes per day
a. Receiving sunlight is important: skin and eye exposure (don’t look into the sun but don’t always wear sunglasses), go outside everyday
10.  Avoiding toxins
a. Filter the water that you drink and bathe with, do your best to eat organic food, don’t eat processed foods, fast foods or junk food.
11.  Movement - exercise
a. Get some exercise on a daily basis, like walking, rebounding, etc.
12.  Physical contact with others
a. Hugging someone, get a massage, being intimate with your mate, chiropractic care, whatever you are comfortable with.
13.  Castor oil packs – see directions for castor oil packs
a. These will stimulate your immune system and help your lymphatic system. For maximum benefit the packs need to be used on at least three consecutive days. 

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