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You cannot achieve optimum health in today’s unhealthy environment if you are eating the things that not only don’t have the nutrients to help eliminate toxins but they themselves contain toxins.

We are living in the biggest dietary experiment in the history of mankind and by all accounts it is not working out for the human race or for the planet.

Due to high levels of toxins in our environment the body needs more nutrients than ever to eliminate them. Eating organically grown food will give you 2 to 5 times more nutrients and they have a lot less toxic chemicals for your body to eliminate.

A few examples of our present toxic state: the human placenta now contains over 250 manmade chemicals (babies are now in a toxic overload), breast milk has fire retardant chemicals, our urine contains the active ingredient of ‘Roundup’ (glyphosate), and fish in the rivers below where our sewer systems dump waste now have both sex organs.

Health is a reflection of how we chose to live and if you chose to be healthy then chose things that are healthy for you.

Dr. Dale H. Olin
 Bio-Resonate Health Care | 719-475-9103

716 W. Brookside St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

At the Right Health Clinic

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