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About a 100 years ago Gabriel Bertrand, a French chemist and biologist, identified specific minerals that the body needs to perform certain cellular function. He named them “oligo” elements. The name “oligo” is a prefix that means a few or scanty and comes from the Greek “oligos”.  Later, French physician Dr. Jacques Menetrier demonstrated that these minerals could be used in the treatment of biochemical dysfunctions (diseases). This treatment became known as Oligotherapy. 

The trace minerals or ions used in this form of therapy are: Bismuth, cobalt, fluoride, copper, chromium iodine, lithium, magnesium, molybdenum, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, Sulphur, and zinc (as well as various combinations).

There are generally four ways to therapeutically introduce minerals into the body.

1.    In a pharmacological doses, such as lithium as in the treatment of depression.

2.    By supplementation; the minerals such as copper, zinc, and iron are given in ranges of 1 to 30 milligrams. The minerals calcium and magnesium are needed by the body in larger amounts and are not considered an “oligo” form of therapy.

3.    Homeopathic remedies is another way to deliver trace minerals. The remedies Ferrum metallcium (iron) and Aurum metallicum (gold) are used by homeopathic practitioners. 

4.    The fourth method is Oligotherapy. It is the administration of minerals to an individual in the exact amount that the cells of the body utilizes them and in an ionic solution which allows them to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream (sublingually).

“Oligo” Elements:

    Stimulate and help restore enzymatic reactions

    Help with detoxification

    Usually are used for a minimum of 3 months

    Typical dose is 1 ampule per day for 2-3 months.

    Often are used with drainage remedies such as Gemmotherapies and UNDA’s numbers

Oligotherapy is widely recognized throughout Europe as a powerful modality for treating a multitude of diseases.

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