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“Phyto” is a Greek word for plant and the suffix “Gen” (that follows phyto) means that the product produced is from a plant.

The phyto-gens from Genestra are plant remedies made from fresh buds and young shoots of growing plants. These embryological tissues of plants, are only present in the beginning of a plants life. Once chlorophyll is formed the formative power of the plant is lost. 

Many plants contain chemicals with healthy benefits but what many people are not aware of is that they carry not only a biochemical benefit but also an energetic aspect as well. The energetic aspect of plants are at their peak when the plant is in its most active phase of growth.

Plant buds have been used medicinally dating as far back as the Egyptians. The revolution of phytoembryological tissue therapy began in the 1950’s. Dr. Pol Henry, a renowned Belgian homeopath conducted research on the therapeutic properties of plant buds, in 1970, he published his clinical findings, naming this new therapy, “Phytoembryotherapies”. He contributed much of the effectiveness of this form of plant therapy to the anabolic (the state where cells are being made) potential and the energetic power of the plant. Phytoembryotherapy was further adapted by French Homeopath, Dr. Max Tetau. He was instrumental in advancing the clinical application of embryonic plant therapy. Both during and since his time, other Belgian and French doctors, among other researchers, such as Claude Bergeret and the biologist Jean-Claude Leunis, have further contributed to the scientific and clinical development of this phytotherapy. 

The manufacturing of the phyto-gens, by Genestra, follow the original production process created by Dr. Pol Henry, the founder of phytoembryotherapy. When scientific evaluations are made comparing the leading competitor’s product to Genestra’s product, Genestra’s products have more active ingredients.

Extensive research and laboratory analysis, supported with years of European clinical practice, has helped to identify the different bud and young shoot properties and best genus of species to determine the most beneficial biochemical and energetic effect. 

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