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UNDA’s Homeopathic Formula’s

Some General Information on UNDA Remedies

The founders of these formulas seem to have come from an artistic or poetic point of view as they chose the name UNDA for their formulas. The name, was chosen because they felt it reflects the energy and movement of “undulating water waves” – a gentle energy or movement that is up and down – like a water wave. Hence, the artistic nature of the founders is reflected in the naming of these healing remedies. As a side note, when a scientists sees an undulating wave it is called a frequency.

The gentleness of these energies do have a profound effects when used regularly over long periods of time (months to years). But that is not to be said that they can’t be used on acute conditions because some of the formulas are designed to have immediate effects (within minutes). So they can be an effective means for treating most acute and chronic problems.

In Switzerland, during the early part of the 1900’s, the formulas were created by George Discri, Dr. Louis Reuter and Dr. Antoine Nebel. The century old history of the use of these remedies is a good indicatory of their effectiveness. 

UNDA remedies are based on Homeopathy, Botany (Eastern and Western herbology), Oligotherapy (positive / negative charges from trace minerals and metals), classical Chinese medicine and Anthroposophical principles (the field that acknowledges humans have a spirit and a remarkable ability to selfheal).

Since 1949, a pharmacy in Belgium, is responsible for making these formulas and they take great care to formulate them exactly the way the founders of the formulas intended them to be made. 

The effectiveness of the UNDA formulas lies in their ability to: support organs, enhance cellular function and aid the eliminations of toxins. They are the only complex remedies of their type. 

Each remedy aids the body in performing a specific physiological action and when a combination of these remedies are taken together they facilitate a unique response by the body that has a unification effect - helping the cells, tissues, organs and the various system within the body unify in a healing process - both on a physical and an emotional level.  

The exact combination of remedies and their over-all effects on the body has been quantified clinically with millions of patients taking these remedies over the last 100 years. They are perhaps the safest method of promoting and supporting health, while at the same time, honoring that natural healing ability we all have.

How To Take The UNDA Remedies

Acute Conditions:

5 drops of each remedy under the tongue 6 times a day until symptoms are gone then continue for 2 more days at that dosage and frequency. After that reduce the frequency to 3 times per day but keep doing 5 drops (unless directed otherwise). 

Chronic Conditions:

5 drops of each remedy under the tongue 3 times per day.

For More Serious Conditions:

5 drops of each remedy under the tongue 4 times per day.

Children under 4 years:

2 drops of each remedy placed in an eye dropper are given three times per day or 3 drops twice per day. As an alternative you can place the drops in the belly button or in the crease of the elbow.

When Taking These Remedies

  1. Take the remedies in sequential order, from the lowest number to the highest number. They need to be held under the tongue for about 30 seconds. You do not need to wait more than 10 seconds between taking each remedy. By the time you replace the cap on the bottle you can take the next remedy.
  2. The bottles typically last about three weeks. If one bottle runs out before the others continue taking the others until they are empty. This happens often as the drops from each bottle vary in size. 
  3. The drops will flow from the bottle when it is at an angle upside down (you may need to gently shake or tap the bottom of the bottle to get the first drop to flow, after the first drop the following drops will occur by themselves). 
  4. Drop them directly into your mouth or drop them onto a spoon. Some people add a little water to the spoon to make it easier to see and count the drops. Others use a shoot glass with a small amount of purified water. The water must be cooler than 120 degrees F, or the remedy will be inactivated.
  5. Do not mix all the remedies together, in the spoon or in the water. Think of the remedies as information being given to the body - one sentence after another. You would not understand what is being said if you heard three different sentences at the same time.
  6. Always take your remedies at least 15 minutes away from foods, medicines, or anything that may leave a residual taste in your mouth, like toothpaste.
  7. Store your UNDA Number remedies away from strong smelling substances. Avoid placing them in strong light or near heat areas, as well as electromagnetic fields such as around computers, TV’s, cell phones and other electronic equipment. As far as x-rays, such as in airport security systems. It has been shown that the remedies stay potent after several passes through them. 

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