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Meridian Energy Analysis Device 


The principle behind the M.E.A.D.

The Meridian Energy Analysis Device (M.E.A.D.) provides users with a detailed outline of their body's mechanics and functions. This precision-oriented Eastern-philosophy tool comes from a combination of exhaustive Ryodoraku* research, the latest computer technology, and a team of medical experts.

This is a non-invasive health examination designed to measure the energy of the 24 meridian points of the human body and then provide a Traditional Chinese Medical (TMC) assessment of the body systems and the organs. 

It may be helpful for people with chronic problems who lack a specific diagnosis or have not responded to other treatment as well as those who want to improve their general health. It is a very effective way to assess health issues which may not always show up in conventional laboratory testing.

The health check highlights the organs which are balanced, stressed or weakened, so that the most suitable recommendations, in terms of treatment, diets and supplements, specific to each individual's requirements, can be made. It also helps us track the progress of our clients.

Research & Development: 

MedPex is the company that makes the device and they are based in Taiwan. For sixteen years they have been combining Chinese, Japanese, and German medical technology, with the over forty years of research in the Ryodoraku concept to produce this clinical assessment tool.


1.    The M.E.A.D. provides a quick and precise look at meridians, as well as producing comprehensive reports.
2.    Provides information on physical energetics, mental and emotional states, autonomic nervous system, endocrine function, metabolic function, interpenetration of yin-yang, and harmony of Qi and blood.
3.    Suggested treatment protocols, which include acupuncture points, herbal prescriptions, dietary contraindications and suggestions as well as explanations on why specific points, herbs, or food items are indicated.
4.    Provides an ongoing user database to thereby easily manage users' history and other relevant information.
5.    Offers descriptive and clear data and provides a list of probable future pathology based on its assessment.
6.    Contains an advanced acupuncture-point locating system, which shows definitive positions on the human body to thereby ensure the best clinical application for treatments.
7.    Allows us to obtain information from the entire body within 3 minutes.

Meridian Energy Comparison Charts

M.E.A.D. is created with state of the art technology that allows for automatic calibration of age and gender so that energetic information can be determined accurately without concern towards gender and age. The M.E.A. D. system completely examines the 24 major meridian pathways and acupoints of the body in less than three minutes time. 

The device provides information that helps to quickly discern the state of physical and emotional disharmony within the body. Its inherent unobtrusive nature is a powerful adjunct tool that is useful in any clinical setting.

Recognized around the World

Aside from Taiwan, where more than 80% of the major hospitals utilize the Meridian energy Analysis Device, the central government of China just became a new addition to the ever-growing list of impressed users!

After evaluating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) related products from more than 40 companies over a span of 19 months, their team consisting of an elite group of engineers, scientist, TMC doctors and healthcare professionals voted the M.E.A.D. unanimously as the product of choice. The Chinese government has entered into an agreement to purchase up to half million units.

The M.E.A.D. units are also the only units the International Academy of Chiropractic Acupuncture recommends - due to its reproducibility and the clinical information it provides.

Contra Indications

M.E.A.D. should not be performed on persons with pacemakers.

* What is Ryodoraku

In late 1940’s and early 1950’s, a research group headed by Dr. Yoshio Nakatani of the Kyoto University, one of the highest ranked universities in Asia, and the dean of its biology department found that abnormalities or diseases of the viscera are reflected in measurable bio-electrical changes on certain points of the skin. 

The points that they found are located on acupuncture meridians. So Dr. Nakatani called this discovery “Ryodoraku” (ryo which means good, do which means conductive and raku which means line – for the acupuncture meridian lines). 

Their research concluded that disease was related to variable flux in the bio-electric currents of the twelve primary meridians and to the points called source points or yuan points. From their observations they were able to arrive at a TCM diagnosis and develop treatment plans.

The MEAD is not intended to make a medical diagnosis or to replace medical treatment. Its main purpose is to assess ENERGY within the meridians and organs.

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